2nd Most Common Bird at Winter Birdfeeders: Crothers Woods: December 2020

For 34 years Birds Canada has organized a “FeederWatch” community which has recorded the birds at feeders from November through April throughout Canada.

#2 on last winter’s Ontario list is the Dark-eyed Junco:

Dark-eyed Junco (male)
Dark-eyed Junco (male)
Dark-eyed Junco (male)
Dark-eyed Junco (male)

The Dark-eyed Junco is common on winter lists in all regions of Canada.

it is #7 on the Atlantic Canada list, #4 on the Quebec list, #7 on the Prairies list and #1 on the British Columbia list.

Other birds:

American Robin
American Robin
American Robin
American Robin
Mallard (female)

Crothers Woods in the Don River valley is 52 hectares (128 acres) in size and consists of woodland, meadows and wetlands.

frozen pond
frozen pond
Don River

Some botany:

Bitternut Hickory (Carya cordiformis)
White Oak (Quercus alba)
Beaked Hazel (Corylus cornuta)
Choke Cherry (Prunus virginana)
American Beech (Fagus grandifolia)
White Mulberry (Morus alba)
Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata)
Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)

The song “Snowbird” which refers to the Dark-eyed Junco as a “snowbird” was a big hit for singer Anne Murray in 1970.

Beneath this snowy mantle cold and clean
The unborn grass lies waiting
For its coat to turn to green
The snowbird sings the song he always sings
And speaks to me of flowers
That will bloom again in spring

Spread your tiny wings and fly away
And take the snow back with you
Where it came from on that day
The one I love forever is untrue
And if I could you know that I would
Fly away with you

So, little snowbird
Take me with you when you go
To that land of gentle breezes
Where the peaceful waters flow. Song writer:  Gene Mac Lellan (1938 – 1995)

Miles Hearn

3 thoughts on “2nd Most Common Bird at Winter Birdfeeders: Crothers Woods: December 2020


    Hi Miles,
    I was keeping track of your top ten birds at feeders. I was awaiting #2 and #1.
    I thought you had forgotten. I should have known that you would never do such a thing.
    Sure enough #2 the Dark – eyed Junco came through today.
    I wait in great anticipation for #1. When will it arrive, and what bird will it be?
    Enjoy all your posts and superb photos.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. rosemarie fischer

    very nice pics,thanks Miles,would like that cute junco to come to my feeder!!!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosemarie Fischer


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