Leopard Seal near the Zodiak

Occasionally a Leopard Seal will decide to inspect a Zodiak closely and have even been known to take a bite out of one.

leopard Seals have an almost reptilian looking head.

Leopard Seals are widespread but uncommon in Antarctic and subantarctic zones.

There are believed to be about 400,000 individuals.

They eat krill, fish, seabirds and especially penguins.

They also prey on young seals.

They get to the flesh of penguins by banging them on the surface of the water to eliminate the feathers.

They have been known to directly attack humans.

Pups are born in October to December.

Pups are born on pack ice.

This species has been subject to very little commercial fishing.

March 1, 2017

Miles Hearn

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