Harrier at Marais aux Grenouillettes: June 2022

A ‘grenouille” is a frog in French, but “grenouillette” refers to an invasive pond plant called Frog Hydrocharide. It was introduced as an ornamental to Ottawa in 1932 but now is a problem.

Here are more photos from Marais aux Grenouillettes.

Leopard Frog

The Northern Harrier was formerly known as the Marsh Hawk. It is a slender, long-winged and long-tailed hawk. They are uncommon and usually seen flying just above vegetation over open fields, grasslands or marshes. This one was being chased away by an Eastern Kingbird.

Northern Harrier
Northern Harrier with Kingbird
Northern Harrier with Kingbird
Northern Harrier with Kingbird
Eastern Kingbird

Other birds:

Song Sparrow
American Goldfinch (male)
American Redstart (female)
Purple Finch (juvenile)
Song Sparrow
Canada Geese
Great Blue Heron
Song Sparrow

Some botany:

Deptford Pink (Dianthus armeria)
Glossy Buckthorn (Rhamnus utilis)
Silky Dogwood (Cornus amomum)
Quack Grass (Elymus repens)
Fox Sedge
Daisy Fleabane (Erigeron annuus)
Bird Vetch (Vicia cracca)
Birdfoot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatis)
Field Chickweed (Cerastium arvense)
Ox-eye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)
Timothy (Phleum pratense)
False Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)


Hark, the honeybee’s low hum
Tells us that the summer’s come!    – Frank Dempster Sherman (1860ā€“1916)

Miles Hearn

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