Sandhill Crane in Cape Cod

Thanks to friends who live in Code Cod for these photos:

Hi Miles. I am sending you pictures of a visitor we had last summer. This Sand Hill Crane was probably swept off course by one of our coastal storms, was injured and rehabilitated at a sanctuary just down the street. When it was better, the people just released him, and we saw him our yard a few days later. He was quite tame, and was seen preening a local cat! Oh, and by the way, his name was Ned. Everyone in the area knew him. Then he just left. It is so much fun to watch the animal and bird population here, especially in the marsh- owls, deer, coyotes, osprey, eagles etc.

From a local newspaper:

A large sandhill crane has been a literal traffic-stopper in Barnstable Village of late.

The rare crane has been seen wandering the neighborhoods and frequenting the salt marsh off the harbor.

Adult sandhill cranes are big birds — standing about 3 feet tall and with a wing span of around 6 feet.

Large, gray and rusty-orange colored feathers are hallmarks of their plumage.

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