Cullen Bryant Park

As the father of four children, I have spent many hours in various East York parks that have playground equipment. During this year’s March break, I am going to revisit one each day and make a post of some of the nature that I find there.

Cullen Bryant (1794 – 1878) was an American poet. One of his famous phrases was repeated by Dr Martin Luther King:  ‘Truth crushed to earth will rise again.’

The southern border of the park is lined with Norway Maples.

Norway Maple bark

Norway Maple keys

The northern end of the park overlooks the ravine of Taylor Creek Park.

Some of the trees that occur naturally here are:

White Oak;

White Oak (leaf with its rounded tips);

Sugar Maple;

White Birch;

Black Walnut;

Red Oak (with its sharp pointed leaves);

Manitoba Maple (with its white, opposite buds);

A few green leaves of wildflowers are appearing:


Garlic Mustard;

Here are some of the planted trees and shrubs:

young White Birch with its reddish bark;

Bur Oak with its corky ridges;

Red Osier Dogwood;

Austrian Pine;

Austrian Pine bark;

A squirrel-chewed Austrian Pine cone;

London Plane Tree with its “military fatigues” look;

White Pine;

Staghorn Sumac;

White Spruce;

Trembling Aspen;

Trembling Aspen buds;

Eastern Cottonwood;

young growth at the base of Cottonwood;

2 Crack Willows with a Cottonwood behind;

Sugar Maple buds;

White Oak leaves;

Miles Hearn




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