Linkwood Lane Park

As the father of four children, I have spent many hours in various East York parks that have playground equipment. During this year’s March break, I am going to revisit one each day and make a post of some of the nature that I find there.

LInkwood Lane Park consists of a soccer field and playground equipment.

There is also a lovely, small, mature forest overlooking the East Don River valley and the Flemington Park Golf Course.


Planted near the playground are:

Lilacs with their “peace sign” buds;

Norway Maples;

Norway Maple keys on the ground;

Colorado Spruce;

Colorado Spruce cones with Norway Maple keys;


White Spruce;

White Spruce cones;

In the grass is Ground Ivy.

Appearing naturally is Staghorn Sumac laden with Don-strangling Vine.

European Burning Bush;

The forest is made up principally of Sugar Maple.

The sap is running today.

Other trees include:

White Birch;

Black Cherry with its “burnt cornflakes” bark;

American Beech showing signs of human carving as it so often does in urban areas;

White Oak;


White Pine;

I had this Red-tailed Hawk as an observer during my visit.

Miles Hearn





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