From eBird: 24 Species Seen in Greece on July 25, 2022

eBird from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a fine resource for discovering what birds are being seen in our area on any given day. It also enables us to see what species are being seen in many parts of the world.

Here are 24 species that were reported from the Ionian Islands in Greece on July 25. 2022.

European Honey-buzzard ADULT INTERMEDIATE MORPH © Yeray Seminario eBird S59391609 Macaulay Library ML 174857931
Eurasian Jay ADULT (EURASIAN) © John Higgins eBird S70087854 Macaulay Library ML 241250451
Eurasian Magpie ADULT © John Reynolds eBird S32764682 Macaulay Library ML 41181501
Common House-Martin ADULT (WESTERN) © Sérgio Correia eBird S36914633 Macaulay Library ML 59579951
Sardinian Warbler MALE © Daniel Pettersson eBird S62918742 Macaulay Library ML 196728121
Alpine Swift © Etienne Artigau🦩 eBird S30780206 Macaulay Library ML 34748631
Red-backed Shrike MALE © Nigel Voaden eBird S17869084 Macaulay Library ML 47430491
Eurasian Blue Tit ADULT © Ferit Başbuğ eBird S32931572 Macaulay Library ML 42112131
Great Tit ADULT (GREAT) © Steven McGrath eBird S54084880 Macaulay Library ML 146576841
Eurasian Crag-martin © José Frade eBird S15239418 Macaulay Library ML 42917161
Eastern Subalpine Warbler MALE © Patrick J. Blake eBird S28856419 Macaulay Library ML 26859401
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker MALE © Craig Brelsford eBird S33497401 Macaulay Library ML 44667321
Long-tailed Tit ADULT (CAUDATUS) © Craig Brelsford eBird S33497467 Macaulay Library ML 44667631
Eurasian Blackcap MALE © Santiago Caballero Carrera eBird S65043451 Macaulay Library ML 211672961
Eurasian Blackbird ADULT MALE © Andre Vieira eBird S33417705 Macaulay Library ML 44422621
Common Nightingale © Tânia Araújo eBird S35441438 Macaulay Library ML 52391361
Common Chaffinch BREEDING MALE © Ian Davies eBird S17724704 Macaulay Library ML 23442541
Short-toed Snake-eagle © Batmunkh Davaasuren eBird S31819221 Macaulay Library ML 36323561
Eastern Olivaceous warbler © Huw Roberts eBird S48523365 Macaulay Library ML 114960471
Eastern Orphean Warbler MALE © Markus Craig eBird S27774379 Macaulay Library ML 25772481
Western Rock Nuthatch © Roger Gibb eBird S51537376 Macaulay Library ML 134332311
Northern Wheatear BREEDING MALE (EURASIAN) © Lukasz Pulawski eBird S64997937 Macaulay Library ML 204639371
Eastern Black-eared Wheatear BREEDING MALE © Oscar Campbell eBird S53673470 Macaulay Library ML 145187391
Cirl Bunting ADULT MALE © Stefan Hirsch eBird S54397303 Macaulay Library ML 151274571

Miles Hearn

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  1. rosemarie fischer

    stunning!!!! so many beautiful,colourful birds,can make you dizzy!!!!
    wonderful post.Miles,many thanks……


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