Glendon Forest: End of November 2021

The West Don River flows through Glendon Forest which is a remarkably quiet and lovely place within the busy city. Here you can look around and listen in total tranquility.

Some botany:

Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica)
Spindletree (Euonymus europaea) also called Burning Bush
Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)
Dog-strangling Vine (Vincetoxicum rossicum)
Red Oak (Quercus rubra)
Manitoba Maple (Acer negundo)
Black Knot Gall
Spindletree (Euonymus europaea) also called Burning Bush
Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica)
Winged Euonymus (Euonymus alata)
Common Hoptree (Ptelea trifoliata)

Some birds:

House Sparrows bathing in the parking lot
White-breasted Nuthatch
Mourning Dove
Northern Cardinal (male)
Blue Jay
Downy Woodpecker


I find sweet peace in depths of autumn woods,    
Where grow the ragged ferns and roughened moss;    
The naked, silent trees have taught me this,—
The loss of beauty is not always loss!          – Elizabeth Drew Stoddard (1823–1902)

Miles Hearn

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