Yellow Warbler: Dr. J. Murray Speirs

The Yellow Warbler usually nests low down in shrubbery around houses, or in willow scrub or alders or other shrubby growth by rivers or lakeshores.

Yellow Warbler (male)

In the Precambrian country it is usually confined to urban areas.

Yellow Warbler (male)

Brown-headed Cowbirds frequently parasitize this species but some warblers defeat the parasite by building over the intruding egg and laying again on the new floor: some even build multiple layers as each cowbird egg is laid.

Yellow Warbler (male)

This is a very early fall migrant, most leaving for winter quarters in Central and South America by August, with only a few stragglers remaining in September.

Yellow Warbler (male)

This is a familiar small yellow bird.

Yellow Warbler (male)

The Wilson’s Warbler is distinguished by its black cap and the American Goldfinch by its black wings, tail and cap (with some white patches here and there).

Yellow Warbler

Males have red streaks on the breast, lacking in the females.

Yellow Warbler (female)

The song is a spritely “sweet, sweet, sweet cherry and sweet.”

Dr. J. Murray Speirs

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