Ring-necked Duck on the Geraldton Survey: June 2021

I got to sleep in this morning as the start of this morning’s survey is a short drive from my lodging. The alarm was set for 4:15 am.

Dawn was glorious this morning.

Beaver Lodge


I will identify it at the end of the post:

This survey is almost entirely on little used and little maintained logging roads. A fallen tree for instance:

As I approached the final half hour of the survey, a real problem presented itself.

Most vehicles up here are trucks whose drivers will drive through this but I didn’t want to take any chances. The survey almost completed but not quite.

I surprised several animals today but was unable to get photos: a Black Bear with cubs, a Lynx and a Fisher.

I did, however, get close to a Ring-necked Duck. These beauties usually bolt when you get about 50 metres from them but this one didn’t. I was so close that you can clearly see the “ring” around the neck.

Ring-necked Duck (male)
Ring-necked Duck (male)
Ring-necked Duck (male)
Ring-necked Duck (male)
Ring-necked Duck (male)

I briefly saw a Boreal Chickadee – a bird which rarely if ever approaches Toronto.

Boreal Chickadee (photo: wikipedia)

After the survey I drove to Kapuskasing. Here are some photos along the way:

Some botany:

Labrador Tea (Rhododendron groenlandicum)
Labrador Tea (Rhododendron groenlandicum)
Labrador Tea (Rhododendron groenlandicum)
Willow (Salix)
Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) pollen cones
Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana)
Lichen on Black Spruce
Pussy-toes (Antennaria)
Tamarack (Larix laricina)
Tamarack (Larix laricina)
Tamarack (Larix laricina)
Black Spruce (Picea mariana)


3 leaflets doesn’t always indicate Poison Ivy. This is Raspberry.

Red Raspberry (Rubus strigosus)


Thank-you to several readers who identified this as Striped Coralroot (Corallorhiza striata):

Striped Coralroot (Corallorhiza striata):


And since all this loveliness can not be Heaven,
I know in my heart it is June.                                – Abba Gould Woolson (1838–1921)

Miles Hearn

4 thoughts on “Ring-necked Duck on the Geraldton Survey: June 2021

  1. Carl McCrosky

    Wonderful photography! I’ve rarely seen the Ring-necked Duck’s ring, and you’ve captured it perfectly. Well done! And the Boreal Chickadee photo is perfect. I’ll be circumnavigating Lac La Ronge in Saskatchewan by kayak in a few weeks, so your photos from the Shield are thrilling. Thank you!

  2. Lisa Volkov

    Glorious indeed! And the Ring-necked Duck and Boreal Chickadee are beautiful! Lovely botany, too!
    Thanks, Miles!

  3. rosemarie fischer

    beautiful,gorgeous duck and chickadee….we would never get to see it here,also the early morning pics are beautiful….many thanks,Miles


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