Chacchoben Mayan Ruins

The structures here date from 700 AD.

Chacchoben means the “place of red corn.”

It has several large temples.

The ruins were discovered in the 1940’s and officially reported to the Mexican Government in 1972.

Dr. Peter Harrison, an American archaeologist who was working on a project for The Royal Ontario Museum stumbled upon this site while flying a helicopter over Mexico and noticed numerous hills in predominately flat lands. Harrison realized there were temples beneath these hills, which were naturally covered over a period of 2000 years.

In 1994 the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology excavated and restored the site, which was closed to the public until 2002. Today one temple is still overgrown with nature, and they were unable to restore it.

I was able to photograph two birds while touring the site.

Gartered Trogon
Gartered Trogon
Yellow-winged Tanager
Yellow-winged Tanager

Miles Hearn

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