4 Species of Gulls, 2 Species of Terns and Peruvian Pelicans in a Peruvian Harbour

I spent a very pleasant hour by the sea in Peru with binoculars trying to sort out various species of coastal birds.

The most common were Franklin’s Gulls which, in summer, are losing their grey heads.

In this photo, a Kelp Gull (juvenile) is on the left and a Dolphin Gull (red legs and bill) is on the right.

a mature Kelp Gull

Kelp Gull

juvenile Grey Gull (larger than grey-headed gull)

Inca Tern

Inca Tern

Mostly South American Terns with black head and red bill.

Peruvian Pelicans

The following are various combinations of these 7 species.

beach at Trujillo, Peru

fishing boat

Miles Hearn

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