a Mockingbird in the Terminal at Miami Airport

I love mockingbirds. The flash of white in the wings and at the end of the tail as they fly, the way that they proudly cock their long tails and especially their ability to mimic the songs of other birds. More than once I’ve been fooled thinking, perhaps, that I was hearing a Blue Jay and a Mockingbird flew out.

Northern Mockingbird

They occupy somewhat the same niche as the American Robin eating insects and fruits and nesting near human habitations. Both are bold and aggressive birds. The mockingbird tends to outcompete the robin in the southern USA, with the reverse in more northerly climes.

It was quite a surprise waiting indoors at the Miami Airport and spotting a mockingbird flying about in the potted palm trees and occasionally racing to a restaurant table to snatch the remains of a Big Mac or fries.

I don’t know if this bird has a way to get outside but there is certainly plenty to eat and drink within.

House Sparrows are more commonly found indoors and certain malls and big box stores in Toronto have them. I assume that they flew in during the construction of the building and never left. The mockingbird in Miami was competing for food with one.

Miles Hearn

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