Humber River Salmon Run: Lillian Natalizio

Hi Miles,

Since we only has a glimpse of the salmon on Friday, I thought I’d share some photos from earlier in the week.

I had the opportunity to spend an hour at Etienne Brule Park on Wednesday morning watching the salmon trying to get upstream in the Humber River. My best guess is that these were Pacific chinook salmon. Though there were dozens of attempts, if not more, over the hour that I was there, none made it over the weir just upstream of the Old Mill.

The ducks appeared oblivious to the spectacle, but took their turn nibbling on the remains.

There were two immature herring gulls.

in particular that were squabbling over rights to the one carcass. The great blue heron wasn’t interested at all.

There was one bird (unidentified) that suffered the same unfortunate fate as the salmon.

Just as I was leaving I heard the call, and saw, a common raven. Perhaps the same one that the group saw later in the morning at Lambton Woods?

Lillian Natalizio

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