Donora Park

As the father of four children, I have spent many hours in various East York parks that have playground equipment. During this year’s March break, I am going to revisit one each day and make a post of some of the nature that I find there.


Donora Park is a little gem hidden away in suburban streets. It has some small hills perfect for tobogganing.

At the entrance to the park are three mature Thornless Honey Locust trees.

The fence to the east side has many small Siberian Elms poking through

and some Dog-strangling Vine from last season.

There are many new green leaves of Motherwort along the fence

in addition to the remains from last season.

Here are the colourful canes of Black Raspberry.

Quite a variety of trees have been planted in the park:


A Redbud seed pod;

The “corky ridges” of Bur Oak;

Kentucky Coffee Tree;

Seed pods of Kentucky Coffee Tree;

Tulip Tree;

Colorado Spruce;

The “winged” branches of Winged Elm;

Some glorious Red Osier Dogwood;

And…snowman remains.

To the south of the park, is a small wooded gully.

Growing here are some large Crack Willows,

and European Black Ash. Here are the distinctive black buds.

Donora Park

Miles Hearn


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