Four Oaks Gate Park

As the father of four children, I have spent many hours in various East York parks that have playground equipment. During this year’s March break, I am going to revisit one each day and make a post of some of the nature that I find there.


Three cardinals sang during my entire visit.

Four Oaks has several laneways leading into it from surrounding streets.


As you would expect from the name Four Oaks, there are several oak trees planted here. The largest are Pin Oaks. The Pin Oak leaf is slender and sharp- pointed.

There are also a few Red Oaks which have wider leaves.

Others trees include Norway Spruce (a squirrel has been feasting on a cone) and Norway Maple (seeds all over the ground).

Here are some more chewed-on Norway Spruce cones.

Norway Maple is the most common tree.

Others include Colorado Spruce (here is a cone);

Silver Maple (here are some of the plump, colourful buds);

Japanese Maple;

Ohio Buckeye;

Catalpa (seed pod);

White Cedar (opened cones).

Some colourful lichen

The “military fatigues” look of London Plane bark

Miles Hearn


One thought on “Four Oaks Gate Park

  1. Susan

    What lucky children who got to spend time in the park and also had you to teach them about the nature there. Now you are teaching us. Thank you! Susan Berry

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