Indigo Bunting at the bird feeder: May 3, 2018

I have had bird feeders for many years and have the pleasure of visits from many species. Every May, we get Rose-breasted Grosbeaks for a week or two.

Indigo Bunting (male)

This morning, however, I had a real treat. A first-timer at my feeder.

Indigo Bunting (male)

A glorious male Indigo Bunting.

Indigo Bunting (male)

This is a bird which I usually spot far off at the top of a distant tree.

Indigo Bunting (male)

What a thrill to find one close-up. I, of course, immediately grabbed my camera and took these photos through the glass of our living room.

Indigo Bunting (male)

Indigo Buntings spend the winter in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America so this one has just completed a long journey.

Indigo Bunting (male)

During breeding season, they are common in open brushy areas with trees nearby.

Indigo Bunting (male) 

It is one of the few species which sings loudly on hot summer afternoons.

Indigo Bunting (male)

Females are not blue and can be easily confused with sparrows.

Indigo Bunting (female) photo: wikipedia

Indigo Bunting (male) in a Magnolia Tree

Miles Hearn

2 thoughts on “Indigo Bunting at the bird feeder: May 3, 2018

  1. Marilyn Bunker

    Wow, what a treat for you. I’ll have my eyes pealed on our feeders for sure and hope he visits us too.


  2. Joyce Sparks

    What a beautiful bird…how lucky you were. And you did a great job getting a photo on the budding magnolia. Joyce



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