Marie Curtis Park: April 22, 2017

7 degrees and overcast at the start.

Bird Highlight: Rufous-sided Towhee

Botany Highlight: Black Locust

Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Species list: double-crested cormorant, mute swan, Canada goose, mallard, long-tailed duck, red-tailed hawk, Cooper’s hawk, herring gull, ring-billed gull, northern flicker, red-bellied woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, downy woodpecker, tree swallow, rough-winged swallow, blue jay, American crow, black-capped chickadee, white-breasted nuthatch,  American robin, blue-gray gnatcatcher, ruby-crowned kinglet, European starling, house sparrow, red-winged blackbird, common grackle, brown-headed cowbird, northern cardinal, American goldfinch, chipping sparrow, white-throated sparrow, field sparrow, song sparrow. (33 species)

Cleavers (Galium aparine)

Creeping Bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides)

American Beech (Fagus grandifolia)

Trout-lily (Erythronium americanum)

Common Blue Violet (Viola sororia)

Tree Swallow

Song Sparrow


Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica)

Miles Hearn

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