Is that an insect?

On occasion,  i have taken to the habit of arriving quite early to the location of that morning’s nature walk and taking several hundred photographs of various birds, plants etc.

After the walk, I include the best dozen or so photos in the trip report.

One spring morning at Marie Curtis Park, I found a garden snail and took several photos of it.


When I got home, I realized so my snail was not alone!


Not knowing my insects especially well, I asked Ken Sproule what kind of creature this was.


He informed that that it is NOT an insect but, rather, a crustacean; the same family as lobsters or crabs.


This is a woodlouse and it is characterized by a rigid, segmented, long exoskeleton.


They feed mostly on dead plant material and are usually active at night.


In the natural world, you really do learn something new every day!


Woodlouse (photo: Ken Sproule)

Woodlouse (photo: Ken Sproule)

Miles Hearn



2 thoughts on “Is that an insect?

  1. Patricia Lund

    Every spring I am busy collecting these creatures that have wintered over in my house and with the first warm spring sunshine they try to get back outside. I save dozens of them as they come out from behind the molding and from under the floorboards. They are very annoying and not pretty at all but I still try to help them on their way to the outdoors to join their million relatives under every rock and pot in my garden.
    Pat Lund


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