Barred Owl in L’Amoreaux Park


Photo by Ken Sproule

People are often disappointed that we don’t see more owls during our walks. On Friday, February 5, 2016 however, we were most fortunate in having a good and long look at a barred owl. I thank walk members Ian Valentine, Ken Sproule and Judy-Ann Cazemier for the photos:

Barred Owl L'Amoreaux Park

Barred Owl L’Amoreaux Park    Photo by Judy-Ann Cazemier

The barred owl is a relatively stocky, medium sized owl.


Photo by Ian Valentine

The dark eyes are distinctive feature.


Photo by Ian Valentine

It is somewhat pale in colour.


Photo by Ian Valentine


Photo by Ken Sproule

Another characteristic is the streaked belly.


Photo by Ian Valentine

They can be found throughout most of eastern North America and in northern sections of western North America.


Photo by Ian Valentine

Barred owls are uncommon and usually found in mature forests like the one at L’Amoreaux Park.


Photo by Ian Valentine

In their mostly nocturnal hunts, they take small mammals.

Barred Owl Stretched Wing L'Amoreaux Park

Barred Owl Stretched Wing L’Amoreaux Park  Photo by Judy-Ann Cazemier

Barred Owl and Red-tailed Hawk L'Amoreaux Park

Barred Owl and Red-tailed Hawk L’Amoreaux Park  Photo by Judy-Ann Cazemier

A pair of crows and this red-tailed hawk were keeping an eye on the owl.

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