Rattray Marsh: March 3, 2015

5 degrees and overcast at the start. Light snow began after an hour. 

 Bird Highlight: pileated woodpecker, American tree sparrow
American tree sparrow

American tree sparrow

Botany Highlight: red / green ash, shagbark hickory
Carya ovate (Shagbark hickory)

Carya ovata (Shagbark hickory)

Due to devastation by the emerald ash borer, all of the ash trees here near public footpaths, boardwalks and nearby backyards are in the process of being removed. We were told that the wood is being sold to be used to make furniture and other items. Smaller branches are being turned into wood chips which will be put on the footpaths. Nothing is being wasted. It costs $200 every two years to treat ashes which makes it impractical to save the thousands at Rattray.
Species List: Canada goose, herring gull, mourning dove, pileated woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, blue jay, American crow, black-capped chickadee, house sparrow, northern cardinal, house finch, American goldfinch, American tree sparrow.
(13 species)

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