Rattlesnake Root at the Guild Inn: September 2021

Ontario’s only remaining rattlesnake, the Massasauga Rattlesnake, is almost extinct and found only in a few regions of eastern and western Georgian Bay.

At one time, however, it was found in many parts of Ontario. One plant in our area has the name Rattlesnake Root because the root and milk inside were formerly used to cure snakebites.

I found it in flower today in the wet woods near the Guild Inn.

Rattlesnake Root (Prenathes alba)
Rattlesnake Root (Prenathes alba)
Rattlesnake Root (Prenathes alba)
Rattlesnake Root (Prenathes alba)
Rattlesnake Root (Prenathes alba)


I will identify it at the end of the post.

Other Guild Inn area botany:

Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron rydbergii)
Star-flowered False Solomon-seal (Maianthemum stellatum)
American Beech (Fagus grandifolia)
Turtlehead (Chelone glabra)
Nannyberry (Viburnum lentago)
Elecampane (Inula helenium)
Sensitive Fern
Cat-tail (Typha)
Jewelweed (Impatiens)
Lady’s-thumb (Persicaria maculosa)
Bottlebrush Grass (Elymus hystrix)
Pale-leaved Sunflower (Helianthus decapetalus)
Calico Aster (Symphyotrichum lateriflorum)
Spindletree (Euonymus europaea) also called Burning Bush
Large-leaved Aster (Eurybia macrophylla)
Yellow Birch (Betula allegheniensis)
Hog-peanut (Amphicarpaea bracteata)
Late Goldenrod (Solidago gigantea)
New England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae)
Bull Thistle (Cirsium vulgare)
Canada Hawkweed (Hieracium canadense)
Monarch Butterfly in Joe-Pye-weed.
Ornamental Turtlehead (Chelone glabra)

Images from the Guild Inn and nearby woods.

from former Victoria Park PS
Osterhout Cabin
“Intelligence Panel”
from Bank of Commerce


One of those “confusing fall warblers”, the whitish eyering, wing bars, yellow underparts and some black striping identify this as a Magnolia Warbler.

Magnolia Warbler


Hi Miles,

Thought you might be interested in this Toronto Zoo’s breeding program. 


So we grew together,
Like to a double cherry, seeming parted,
But yet an union in partition,
Two lovely berries moulded on one stem. – Shakespeare

Miles Hearn

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  1. Lisa Volkov

    This is a remarkable place, with its monuments, statuary, woods, bluffs, lake–it has it all! Such beautiful botany, and a wonderful Warbler I couldn’t identify. Thanks, Miles!


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