Tree, Rough-winged and Barn Swallows: May 19, 2022

There are five swallow species which can regularly be seen in our area at this time of year.

Barn Swallow
Cliff Swallow with mud
Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Bank Swallow
Tree Swallow

I got photos of three of them this morning at Marie Curtis Park.

Tree Swallow
Barn Swallow
Rough-winged Swallow

Other birds:

Ring-billed Gull
American Coot
Baltimore Oriole (female)
Hairy Woodpecker (male)
Great Blue Heron with fish
Red-winged Blackbird (male)
Spotted Sandpiper
Eastern Kingbird
Baltimore Oriole (male)
Yellow Warbler (male)
Red-winged Blackbird (male)
Brown-headed Cowbird (male)
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Red-winged Blackbird (male)
Mallard hybrid
Canada Goose chick
Canada Goose chick
Canada Geese

Today’s group:


Hi Miles,
I found some Bobolinks!!:)I thought I’d share a few photos...



May is birds a-nesting,
May is picking violets on a hill;
May is young and twenty,
May is Sunday-besting,
May is eager Jack and willing Jill.   – The 1961 Old Farmer’s Almanac

Miles Hearn

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