Short-eared owl and Other Birds: Heather Pantrey December 2021

I thank Heather for sending me these photos of difficult to find and photograph birds.

Hi Miles,

One of your posts recently reminded me to go back to Downsview Park.  Two visits later, I came away with great pictures of the Long-eared Owls five of which were in residence.

I went back yesterday.  The lighting conditions were terrible, but I did catch sight of three interesting birds.  Two Short-eared Owls put on a fantastic aerial display. I did not see either the Saw-whet or the Snowy which many people have seen there.

The south end of the park seems to be the place to be.  I will go back soon.

Northern Shrike

American Kestrel

Short-eared Owl

Snowy Owl at Col. Sam Smith

Terrible pictures, but fun to see the bird — a male, I think.

Heather Pantrey

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