How’s your French? Some Québec Signs

Some of us took French for years in school but it doesn’t necessarily prepare you for a visit to La Belle Province.

Here are 19 signs. I will give the translation at the end of the post.

Les réponses

Pet grooming and boutique
restaurant orders to take out and reservations
exit only
pools and spas
a house which looks like us
prefabricated homes
delivery service
no smoking within 9 metres of doorways, windows and air-intakes
Global pet food and accessories. Minou and Pitou are typical cute pet names.
Need milk? lowest prices every day
self service
Chelsea Hardware
Wine, cider, cold beer
Commercial property to rent
the best poutine
save on gas
Limbour snack bar
We are hiring


“À bon chat bon rat.” ― (Tit for tat.)

Miles Hearn

6 thoughts on “How’s your French? Some Québec Signs

  1. Brian

    Thanks for the French flavour Miles. That A. Louer guy must be one heck of a salesman! His names on every rental I see!

  2. Liane Sharkey

    Wonderful, Miles! As a Montrealer living in Toronto for the past 47 years, these made me sigh happily…a little taste of home. As we used to say, “bien le fun!”

  3. Gloria James

    Wow. My French needs a tune-up. What a practical way to improve your French vocabulary! Thanks for the translations.

  4. Lisa Volkov

    Well, we were taught Parisian French in school, for one thing (in my day, anyway). For another, Thank God so many English words come from French! But I didn’t do as well as I thought I was doing. Well, I haven’t used French for a very long time–I was last in Quebec (Montreal) in 1980, and when I found out how bad I was in French, I stuck to English chains and stayed in the vicinity of McGill! I concluded then that given my lack of French, I would be better off staying in Toronto. I completely respected (and respect) Quebec’s right to its language and culture, but I didn’t think I would be able to do very well, there.
    One use I got for what little French I have was when the last T.V. channel to show opera on a regular basis was a French station, and I tried to follow the subtitles in French, with mixed results. Thanks for the language lesson/refresher, Miles! (Use it or lose it, I guess.) Mais, ou est l’oiseaux? (I can see you wincing–no, I don’t have a French language dictionary handy!)

  5. Lisa Volkov

    Better you should have asked, “What is the mystery language”?
    “où sont les oiseaux”, apparently. Could have been worse–I suppose! Do the birds twitter and tweet in French in Quebec? (They may groan, hearing that one)
    I really enjoyed your post, by the way!


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