Some Insect Photos: Meegan Conklin

Hi Miles,
Thanks for continuing to post all of your walks! Thanks to you, I think I’m finally starting to be able to ID many of the wild flowers. 
I’m really enjoying all of your recent attention to the insect world! I’ve been doing the same … albeit mostly in my yard, and usually without a decent camera … all these are taken with my phone. Lazy. There’s a beautiful (male – no spot – thanks for the tip!) ebony jewelwing that visits me daily. And both yellow and black swallowtail butterflies. Less gypsy moths than usual thanks to the spraying last year. I’ve planted milkweed, and am finally seeing some monarchs. Last year I had a bunch of caterpillars that seemed to disappear overnight – skunks, raccoons?  Insects are harder to ID than birds! What did we do before the Internet? I’ve found some neat creatures – acorn weevils, tiger bee flies, etc. 
Here are are a few (lousy) pics of some of my my recents. The Nessus Sphinx Moth, Beautiful Wood Nymph (that looks like bug droppings – I did not get to see it fly), and Golden Tortoise Beetles – that I allow to decimate my potato vines and morning glories simply because they are cool. Did you ever read the Richard Scary books with illustrations that included a hidden “Gold Bug”? The white moth I think, is a Virginian Tiger Moth (Yellow Wooly Bear)? And the last one, I think, is an invading Box Tree Moth??? 
Thanks again for sharing all of your adventures – hope to see you soon!


Nessus Sphinx Moth
Nessus Sphinx Moth
Beautiful Wood Nymph
Beautiful Wood Nymph
Golden Tortoise Beetle
Virginian Tiger Moth
Box Tree Moth

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