Peruvian Pelican

A definite highlight of any trip to the sea shore in Peru, northern Chile or southern Ecuador is the sight of the stunning Peruvian Pelican.

It was previously considered a member of the Brown Pelican family.

Brown Pelican

However the Peruvian pelican is much larger ranging from about 5 to 7 kg (11–15 lb) in weight, 137 to 152 cm (4.5–5.0 ft) in length and with a wingspan of about 228 cm (7.5 ft)

Peruvian Pelican

These birds are dark in colour with a white stripe from the top of the bill up to the crown and down the sides of the neck.

Peruvian pelicans feed on several species of fish. Unlike the brown pelican, it never dives from a great height to catch it food, instead diving from a shallow height or feeding while swimming on the surface.

Here is a sequence of a Peruvian pelican taking off.

Peruvian pelicans are listed a Near threatened.

with Franklin’s Gull

Miles Hearn

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