a Walk in old Quebec City: August 2020

I was fortunate enough to marry into a Quebecois family and have visited the province many times. Here are some photos from Vieux-Québec. Due to Covid 19, there were few tourists.

Louis 1V
Chateau Frontenac
Cabbage White Butterfly
Cabbage White Butterflies
House Sparrow (male)
Chateau Frontenac
musical spoons are a Quebec tradition
Dali sculpture


Of old, like Helen, guerdon of the strong —
Like Helen fair, like Helen light of word, —
“The spoils unto the conquerors belong.
Who winneth me must win me by the sword.”

Grown old, like Helen, once the jealous prize
That strong men battled for in savage hate,
Can she look forth with unregretful eyes,
Where sleep Montcalm and Wolfe beside her gate? – John McCrae

Miles Hearn

4 thoughts on “a Walk in old Quebec City: August 2020

  1. Joan Hurley

    Thank-you for the lovely memories as Quebec City is my home town. The Dali sculpture and Mary’s popcorn are new to me. I loved growing up there and used to have a condo in the Old Port.

  2. Lisa Volkov

    Wonderful pictures of a historically fascinating place that I’ve always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity to see. This was the right time to be there, apparently! The poems you include are great, by the way, and this one certainly “set the stage”. Thanks, Miles!

  3. rosemarie fischer

    thanks for the lovely City Tour! I was there several times,but I’m no good At picture taking. Now I have some! It’s so European,that’s what I always liked about it. did walk along the boardwalk,years ago.
    Thank You,Miles, this is very nice,beautiful city.
    Rosemarie Fischer


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