Spotted Sandpiper at Doris McCarthy Park: July 2020

Doris McCarthy (1910 – 2010) painter, teacher and writer is best known for her vast array of abstract Canadian landscape paintings.

Storm Clouds in the Foothills

There is a trail proceeding to the bottom of the Scarborough Bluffs named in her honour:

At the foot of the trail is the sculpture “Passage” by Marlene Hilton Moore

“Passage” by Marlene Hilton Moore
“Passage” by Marlene Hilton Moore
“Passage” by Marlene Hilton Moore

Usually I head east when I reach this sculpture. You can walk along the lake to the Guild Inn in this direction. Today, I walked west for the first time.

Here is some of what I saw:

Spotted Sandpiper
Spotted Sandpiper
Spotted Sandpiper
Spotted Sandpiper
Canada Geese
Canada Geese
American Robin
American Robin
Song Sparrow
Yellow Warbler (male)
Ring-billed Gull
Red-legged Grasshopper
Clouded Sulphur Butterfly
Spring Azure
Spring Azure
Red Admiral Butterfly

Some botany:

Bebb’s Sedge (Carex bebbii)
Apple (Malus)
Pear (Pyrus communis)
Soapberry (Shepherdia canadensis)
Goat’s-beard (Tragopogon)
Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe)
Late Goldenrod (Solidago gigantea) despite the name, this is one of the earliest goldenrods to flower.
Yarrow (Achillea millefolia)
Mullein (Verbascum thapsis)
Viper’s Bugloss (Echium vulgare)
Curled Dock (Rumex crispus)
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
Riverbank Grape (Vitis riparia)
Great Hairy Willow-herb (Epilobium hirsutum)
Ox-eye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)
Honey Locust (Gleditsia)
Alternate-leaved Dogwood (Cornus alternifolia)
Gray Dogwood (Cornus foemina)
Silky Dogwood (Cornus amomum)
Crown vetch (Securigera varia)
Chicory (Cichorium intybus)
Birdfoot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatis)
Tartarian Honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica)
Creeping Bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides)
Evening Primrose (these flowers bloom at night)
Common Sow-thistle (Sonchus oleraceus)
St. John’s-wort (Hypericum perforatum)
Canada Thistle (Cirsium pratense)
Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis)


The luminous grasses, and the merry sun
In the grave sky; the sparkle far and wide,
Laughter of unseen children, cheerful chirp
Of crickets, and low lisp of rippling tide.    – Emma Lazarus (1849–87)

Miles Hearn

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