Lincoln’s Sparrows Dead and Alive at Rouge Hills: September 25, 2019

I always arrive early at each site to have a look at what is about. This morning (20 degrees & sunny) I spotted and was able to briefly photograph a sparrow which had some gold-ish colour below the eye. A little investigation showed that it was a Lincoln’s Sparrow. The bird was named after Thomas Lincoln of Maine who was a friend of Audubon.

Lincoln’s Sparrow
Lincoln’s Sparrow

Lincoln’s Sparrows are very secretive and much more often heard than seen. As luck would have it, about an hour later while walking with the group, we found a dead Lincoln’s Sparrow on the ground. It is a little grisly to photograph the departed but it does give us a chance to see this bird up close.

Lincoln’s Sparrow
Lincoln’s Sparrow
Lincoln’s Sparrow

A Blue-headed Vireo made an appearance:

Blue-headed Vireo

Species list: Canada Goose, pileated woodpecker, eastern phoebe, blue jay, American crow, black-capped chickadee, American robin, blue-headed vireo, northern cardinal, American goldfinch, Lincoln’s sparrow.  (11 species)

Another flying creature:

Thread-waisted Wasp

and a hopping creature:

Green Frog

Park scenes:

Dog-strangling Vine
Dog-strangling Vine


Flat-topped Aster (Doellingeria umbellata)
Bluestem Goldenrod (Solidago caesia)
White Ash (Fraxinus americana)
Bottlebrush Grass (Elymus hystrix)
Bottle Gentian (Gentiana andrewsii)
Rayless Aster (Symphyotrichum ciliatum)
Giant Puffball
Bulblet Fern
Rattlesnake Root (Prenathes alba)
Red Oak acorns
Doll’s-eyes (Actaea pachypoda)

This morning’s group:


On Going Unnoticed – Robert Frost

As vain to raise a voice as a sigh
In the tumult of free leaves on high.
What are you in the shadow of trees
Engaged up there with the light and breeze?

Less than the coral-root you know
That is content with the daylight low,
And has no leaves at all of its own;
Whose spotted flowers hang meanly down.

You grasp the bark by a rugged pleat,
And look up small from the forest’s feet.
The only leaf it drops goes wide,
Your name not written on either side.

You linger your little hour and are gone,
And still the wood sweep leafily on,
Not even missing the coral-root flower
You took as a trophy of the hour.

Miles Hearn

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