East York Canada Day Parade 2019

Ever since my younger days as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force band, I have loved parades and have marched in many in all weather.

As an East York resident, I always try to attend the July 1st event and enjoy the “smaller-scale” atmosphere of it. Arrive 5 minutes before it begins and you will still get a terrific vantage point.

People walking and even dancing on tall stilts was a feature this year:

There was also a good display of vintage vehicles:

many East York clubs:

other sights:

even Mayor Tory was there:

Miles Hearn

3 thoughts on “East York Canada Day Parade 2019

  1. Wendy Trueman

    Talk about “taking back the flag!” I love the scale of this parade, and the photo of Mayor Tory. I thought he’d even painted his nails for Pride – until I took a closer look 👀😁
    Thanks for this, Miles.


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