Snowy Owl Paparazzi / Col Sam Smith Park: February 5, 2019

In mid-winter there is always a good chance of seeing a Snowy Owl at Col Sam Smith Park.

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

Photographers know this and there is frequently a group of them.

You have to be careful however. Not every white clump on the docks is a Snowy.

The weather is changing drastically from day to day. A big snow storm last week followed by bitter wind and cold for 3 days. Then 3 degrees above freezing on this overcast morning. Here are some views from the park:

This morning’s group:

Along this walkway, many Pin Oaks have been planted:

Pin Oak (Quercus palustris)

Col Sam Smith Park is also a good place to see European Pussy Willow:

European Pussy Willow (Salix caprea)

Some of the birds from this morning:

Northern Cardinal (female) and Chickadee
American Crow
American Crow
American Crow
Canada Geese
House Finches
Northern Cardinal (male)
Greater Scaup
Long-tailed Duck (male) and Common Goldeneye (male)
Ring-billed Gull
Mute Swan
White-winged Scoter
White-winged Scoters

Species list: mute swan, Canada goose, mallard, greater scaup, long-tailed duck, common goldeneye, white-winged scoter, red-breasted merganser, snowy owl, ring-billed gull, red-bellied woodpecker, downy woodpecker, American crow, black-capped chickadee, American robin, house sparrow, northern cardinal, house finch.  (18 species)

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Open the door, though the wild winds blow,
Take the child in and make him cozy.
Take him in and hold him dear,
He is the wonderful glad New Year.  

 – Dinah Maria Mulock Craik (1826–87)

Miles Hearn

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