The Guild: Scarborough Bluffs

The Guild Inn was an artist’s colony and then a hotel. A refurbishment of the buildings opened in May, 2017 as a facility for social events. The surrounding park features a sculpture garden which contains rescued facades and ruins of various Toronto buildings. An archway from the high school that I attended stands here:

Other pieces:

The Guild Park runs along the top of the bluffs after a short trail:

There are many mature Red Ashes here which have been treated to protect them from the Emerald Ash Borer.

Some views from the top of the bluffs:

Though you can descend the bluffs on an asphalt road or a paved trail just east of here, I decided to relive my childhood and descend by this muddy path:

Some views from below:

The stony beach is a mixture of natural and building materials:


The path heading to the top:

Miles Hearn





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