Common Sense: Milos Radakovich

They say the trouble with common
sense is that it’s not so common. Yet,
in order for common sense to work,
we must have a basic understanding
of the underlying principles. Since
most adults are not real good at
things scientific, they are prime candidates for those who would
take advantage of this weakness for fun, profit, or political gain.

Take, for example, the recent alarm raised over the compound,
DHMO, or dihydrogen monoxide. DHMO is colorless, odorless,
tasteless, and kills thousands of people every year. Most of these
deaths are caused by accidental inhalation. Prolonged exposure
to its solid form causes tissue damage, and its vapor can cause
severe burns.

DHMO is the major component of acid rain, and contributes to
the “greenhouse effect.” It promotes erosion and accelerates
corrosion and the rusting of metals.

DHMO has been found in tumors and cancerous tissues, and yet
it is often used as an industrial solvent, a coolant in nuclear
power plants, and in the distribution of pesticides.

Even after washing, produce remains contaminated by this
chemical, and its dumping into rivers and the ocean is still legal.
Military facilities receive and store tons of it through a highly sophisticated
underground distribution network.

Quantities of DHMO have been found in every stream, lake, and
reservoir in America today… even in Antarctic ice.

Ok, ok… before you start writing letters to the government, I
should tell you that dihydrogen monoxide is another name for
H2O, or water – the most abundant compound on Earth.

Milos Radakovich

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