Emo Court and Gardens, Ireland

Emo Court

Emo Court, begun in 1790,  is one of the finest large-scale country houses which is open to the public in Ireland. The main drive is an avenue lined with magisterial Wellingtonia trees.

Emo Court

In the Victorian era, many of these enormous trees, also known as California Redwoods, were brought to Britain.

California Redwood

Emo Court

a former inhabitant

surrounding countryside

surrounding countryside

Corn Poppies grow in the fields:

Corn Poppy

There is a large forest of Beech and English Oak.

European Beech

English Oak


The woods is full of Enchanter’s Nightshade; a plant which is also common in southern Ontario.

Enchanter’s Nightshade

I was able to get photos of two bird species: Woodpigeon and Swallow.



Emo Court

Miles Hearn





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