Young Baltimore Oriole

Most people are familiar with the glorious male Baltimore Oriole.

Baltimore Oriole (male)

The city of Baltimore, Maryland has named their baseball team after this bird.

The immature, 1st year birds are not so obviously coloured.

Baltimore Oriole (1st year)

I had this little beauty in the Spindle Tree in my yard in the second week of July.

Baltimore Oriole (1st year)

It was likely born in May or early June.

Baltimore Oriole (1st year)

At this stage, it impossible to say whether this individual is male or female.

Baltimore Oriole (1st year)

The bird has drab brownish sides of head and neck.

Baltimore Oriole (1st year)

The brightest colours are on the breast.

Baltimore Oriole (1st year)

Baltimore Orioles are with us a very short time each year; from early May until about the end of August.

Baltimore Oriole (1st year)

After they that, they head south where they winter in Central America and northern South America.

Baltimore Oriole (1st year)

Miles Hearn


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