July Weedwalk: Broadview Subway area

Temperature 25 degrees with a sun / cloud mix.

The walk was a mixture of alleyways, park borders and city streets.

Creeping Bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides)

Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisifolia)

Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisifolia)

Common Burdock (Arctium minus)

Great Burdock (Arctium lappa)

Field Sow-thistle (Sonchus arvensis)

Field Sow-thistle (Sonchus arvensis)

Dog-strangling Vine (Vincetoxicum rossicum)

Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina)

Galinsoga (Galinsoga parviflora)

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)

Lamb’s-quarters (Chenopodium alba)

Beggar-ticks (Bidens frondosa)

Bull Thistle (Cirsium vulgare)

Choke Cherry (Prunus virginiana)

Miles Hearn


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