High Park: April 10, 2018

0 degrees and sunny at the start

Bird Highlight: Wood Duck

Wood Duck (male)

Wood Duck (female)

Wood Duck (male)

Botany Highlight: Round-leaved Dogwood

Round-leaved Dogwood (Cornus rugosa)

Species list: black-crowned night heron, mute swan, Canada goose, mallard, American black duck, gadwall, northern shoveler, wood duck, lesser scaup,  bufflehead, red-tailed hawk, ring-billed gull, northern flicker, red-bellied woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, downy woodpecker,  blue jay, black-capped chickadee, white-breasted nuthatch, American robin, golden-crowned kinglet, house sparrow, red-winged blackbird, common grackle, brown-headed cowbird, northern cardinal, house finch, American goldfinch, song sparrow.  (29 species)

American Robin

Mallard (male)

American Black Duck

Volunteers leading the Llamas from the High Park Zoo

Hairy Woodpecker (female)

Mute Swans

Red-winged Blackbird (male)

Lesser Scaup

Black-crowned Night Heron

Miles Hearn

                                                  NATURE POETRY

There’s a path that leads to Nowhere
In a meadow that I know,
Where an inland island rises
And the stream is still and slow.

– Corinne Roosevelt Robinson (1849–87)

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