Col Sam Smith Park: March 21, 2018

-4 degrees and sun / cloud mix at the start

Bird Highlight: Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl (eating Gadwall)

Botany Highlight: European Pussy Willow

European Pussy Willow (Salix caprea)

Species list:  red-necked grebe, mute swan, mallard, American black duck, gadwall,  ring-necked duck,  greater scaup, bufflehead, common goldeneye, long-tailed duck, red-breasted merganser, herring gull, ring-billed gull, rock pigeon, mourning dove, snowy owl,  hairy woodpecker, downy woodpecker, blue jay, American crow, black-capped chickadee, American robin, European starling, house sparrow,  common grackle, red-winged blackbird, northern cardinal, American goldfinch, dark-eyed junco, American tree sparrow, song sparrow  (31 species)

Ring-necked Duck (female)

American Robin

Long-tailed Duck (female)


Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia)

Red-breasted Merganser (male)

Red-necked Grebe


Ring-billed Gulls

Miles Hearn

                                 SPRING POETRY

Shine out, fair Sun, with all your heat,
   Show all your thousand-coloured light!
 Black Winter freezes [to]1 his seat;
   The grey wolf howls, he does so bite;
 Crookt Age on three knees creeps the street;
   The boneless fish close quaking lies
 And eats for cold his aching feet;
   The stars in icicles arise:

 Shine out, and make this winter night
 Our beauty's Spring, our Prince of Light!

George Chapman - 1559? - 1634

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