Toronto Islands: February 7, 2018

-7 degrees and snowing at the start

Bird Highlight: Long-tailed Duck

Long-tailed Duck (male)

Long-tailed Duck (female)

Botany Highlight: Wych Elm

Wych Elm (Ulmus glabra)

Coimmon Goldeneyes (female)

Species list: mallard, American black duck, redhead, greater scaup, lesser scaup, common goldeneye, long-tailed duck, white-winged scoter, red-breasted merganser, ring-billed gull, downy woodpecker, blue jay, black-capped chickadee, white-breasted nuthatch, American robin, house sparrow,  northern cardinal, American goldfinch.  (18 species)

Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala)

Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

Japanese Katsura (Cercidiphyllum japonicum)

“Pancake” Ice

Miles Hearn

                                        WINTER POETRY

When February sun shines cold,
There comes a day when in the air
The wings of winter
Slow unfold,
And show the golden summer there.

–Philip Savage (1868–99)

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