Yellow Lady-slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum)

One of the most beautiful wildflowers is a fairly common sight on Manitoulin Island in mid-June each year.

Is is found in a great diversity of habitats: moist forests, fens, meadows, borders of forests and clearings, often under cedar and mostly in clearly calcareous (containing lime or being chalky) soils.

In Lady-slippers the flower lip is enlarged into a hollow, inflated pouch.

Lady-slippers are a distinctive group of Orchids with mostly large, solitary flowers.

The leaves are broad with prominent veins.

“parviflorum” means “little shoe”

The lateral petals are long and twisted.

The lateral petals vary in colour from purplish-brown to greenish yellow.

The plant can be up to 80 cm tall.

The Latin word “Cypripedium” means “sandal”.

Cherokee Indians made a preparation from the roots that was drunk as a treatment for worms.

Miles Hearn



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