High Park, October 11, 2017 Kinglet caught in Stickseed plant

12 degrees and overcast at the start.

Sassafras colours (Karen Blumel)

Bird Highlight: Ruby-crowned Kinglet caught in Virginia Stickseed plant

Kinglet caught in Stickseed (Karen Blumel)

Kinglet caught in Stickseed plant (Karen Blumel)

KInglet caught in Stickseed plant (Karen Blumel)

Kinglet caught in Stickseed plant

Fortunately we were able to save the bird who flew off shortly afterwards

Rub-crowned Kinglet (Karen Blumel)

Botany Highlight: Cup Plant

Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum)

Species list: double-crested cormorant, great blue heron, mute swan, Canada goose, mallard, American black duck, northern shoveler, wood duck, red-tailed hawk, American coot, ring-billed gull,  blue jay, black-capped chickadee, ruby-crowned kinglet, golden-crowned kinglet, house sparrow, northern cardinal, American goldfinch, white-throated sparrow, white-crowned sparrow. (20 species)

Great Blue Heron (Karen Blumel)

Mute Swan (Karen Blumel)

Gray Dogwood (Cornus foemina)

Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron rydbergii)

Red-tailed Hawk

White-crowned Sparrow (Karen Blumel)

Miles Hearn

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