Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Port Lockroy was originally called Port La Croix and the name was anglicized by the British. Their former station has been turned into a museum / post office and is one of the most popular destinations in Antarctica. A staff of four women spend the Antarctic summer here maintaining the site, doing scientific and wildlife research, running the post office and store and boarding cruise ships to give short talks about Port Lockroy.


During each Antarctic season that I have been here, I buy T-shirts for the grandchildren.

Gentoo chicks. Research has shown that colonies that are frequently visited by tourists have a higher success rate for chicks than others. This is partly because the skuas are less interested.

There are many Snowy Sheathbills at Port Lockroy. These birds migrate north before fall. One landed on a ship and flew out in Rome.

View from Port Lockroy

February 17, 2017

Miles Hearn

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