What is for Breakfast (Hawk style): photos by Tom Knude

If you have a bird feeder, you will soon have a patrolling Cooper’s Hawk. Here are some backyard photos from Tom Knude.


“The photos were taken in Markham near 16th Ave and Markham Rd at about 9am Tues June 13th. The hawk was perched on our back fence about 20 M from our kitchen sliding doors. I shot through the glass doors with my little Canon SX 610HS. The bird sat there eating for about 10 minutes. ”   Tom K. 

Tom Knude


For more Cooper’s Hawk photos have a look at “Articles” February 2015


1 thought on “What is for Breakfast (Hawk style): photos by Tom Knude

  1. Marilyn Bunker

    Yes, indeed. We have a frequent flier Cooper’s hawk here in our neighbourhood at Yonge/Sheppard. Interesting to watch the birds at the feeders when he’s about. They seem to get very still.


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