Three seal species on an ice flow.

It is not unusual to spot seals on ice flows; especially Crabeater Seals. During a Zodiak cruise, we were surprised to find three different species on the same ice flow.

Left to Right: Crabeater Seal, Leopard Seal, Crabeater Seal, Antarctic Fur Seal

Fur Seals are only distantly related to the others which we call “True Seals.”

Fur Seals can walk about on their flippers.

On a surface, True Seals like this Crabeater Seal must undulate like snakes in order to travel.

Fur Seal and Crabeater Seal

Crabeater Seal

Huge head and mouth of Leopard Seal

In the sea, a Leopard Seal might attack a Crabeater Seal but here they are lying together.

The stomach of a Leopard Seal was cut open during the Captain Scott expedition. The remains of eighteen penguins were found within.

Crabeater and Leopard Seals

Four seals, three species

February 8, 2017

Miles Hearn

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