Two Summer Poems by Adele Koehnke



Choose your peach.

Grab that peach.

Rub the fuzz.

Bite into peach.

Juice spurts out.

Give peach a lick.

Grab napkin–quick!

Make big grin

Swipe your chin.


Adele Koehnke





White bird flies against black cloud

Black bird flies against white cloud



Leggy orange day lilies

Languish against a blue shed

They flirt.

In a gritty Scarborough lane.

A work friend eases

Three tiny yellow plums

Into my palm

Plums succumb to my hearty chomp

At TTC bus stop.


I coax a tiny fuchsia bloom

Between index and thumb

Home base it in blue eggcup

Add one teaspoon of water

I am content with the wee view.


Adele Koehnke









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