Marie Curtis Park: May 11, 2017

8 degrees and overcast

Bird Highlight: Green Heron

Green Heron

Green Heron

Green Heron

Green Heron

Botany Highlight: Tartarian Honeysuckle

Tartarian Honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica)

Species list: double-crested cormorant, green heron, Canada goose, mallard, Cooper’s Hawk, herring gull,  ring-billed gull, northern flicker, hairy woodpecker, downy woodpecker, tree swallow, rough-winged swallow, blue jay, American crow, house wren, gray catbird, American robin, blue-gray gnatcatcher, European starling, warbling vireo, yellow warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, house sparrow, bobolink, red-winged blackbird, Baltimore oriole, common grackle, brown-headed cowbird, northern cardinal, American goldfinch, savannah sparrow,, song sparrow. (32 species)

May Apple (Podophyllum peltatum)

Yellow Warbler

Elderberry (Sambucus)

Baltimore Orioles (male)

Tree Swallow

Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum)

Northern Cardinal

Cooper’s Hawk

Gray Catbird

Miles Hearn

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