Chilean Science Station, Antarctica

Many nations have science stations in Antarctica and we usually try to visit one during each ten day cruise. This station had a little museum, some articles for sale and a leucistic penguin nesting nearby.

View from the station.

Carmen. One of our naturalists. Carmen comes from East Berlin.

Ground covered in penguin feathers from last year’s moult.

Snowy Sheathbills are common around penguin colonies. One of their preferred foods is penguin guano.

A Gentoo Penguin caring for an egg which has no hope of hatching due to hole in shell.

A Gentoo with chick

A leucistic Gentoo Penguin. These birds are normal in every way except that they cannot produce the colour black in their feathers.

Leucistic penguins are called “Blondys”.

January 11, 2017

Miles Hearn

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