Jougla Point, Antarctica

Jougla Point has a small colony of Blue-eyed Shags. The birds, like penguins, are not bothered by having humans about five meters away. In the northern hemisphere we call these birds cormorants. Unlike penguins which have, at most, two chicks, shags can have up to four chicks in the nest which leads to crowded conditions. We also saw a Weddell Seal here and some Gentoo Penguins mixed in with the shags.

View from Jougla Point

Morning sun

Weddell Seal

Blue-eyed Shags at the nest

Blue-eyed Shag chick

trying out the wings

Preparing to feed

All birds feed their young by regurgitation

Some Gentoo Penguins nest with Shags


Gentoos with chicks

Jougla Point. In the background we see the mountain range called “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”

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