Nature Walk Report from Tofino, BC, September 2016: Lisa Bennett

10 degrees and sunny at the start.


Botanical list (mushrooms): Porcini, Hedgehog, Pine Mushroom (Matsutake), Angel Wings (Oyster), Brown Velvet, Amanita Muscaria, Winter Canterelle (Yellow Foot), Russula, Strawberries and Cream.  To be fair, some, some of the mushrooms were picked by Alexander on his way.

We also saw High Bush Wild Blueberry and Sasal Berry.

Botanical list (Kelp): Palm, Feather Boa and Bull.

Species list: Raven, Winter Wren and Bald Eagle (3).

Bird highlight – Bald Eagle

Botanical highlight – Highbush Blueberry (they were so tasty).



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